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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baja California Weather Outlook - Tropical Drepression Ivo a Bust in Baja Sur

   Weather  in Baja California

Surface Chart / Satellite IR

09PM MDT 09/22/07 Tropical Depression Ivo (red arrow) is running out of steam as it moves slowly closer to the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur. Landfall is expected late tonight and the system is forecast to move across the tip of Baja Sur and into the Sea of Cortez on Tuesday. Rainfall accumulations of 1-2" are expected. There will be an increased probability of afternoon thunderstorms. Baja California will enjoy clear skies and have little hint of the storm passing through Baja Sur. We have two tropical waves on our map (orange arrows) but development is not anticipated. We currently have mostly sunny skies in La Paz



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